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Cloud Point of Sales

Simplify Growth for your business

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Xilnex POS (Retail)
  • 100 Yen
  • Tealive
  • ChaTime
  • Daily Fresh
  • Everyday Fresh
  • Gadget Zone
  • GeorgeTown Pharmacy
  • Hi Style
  • ICE Watch
  • Kwik Cut
  • My Burger Lab
  • La Juiceria
  • Mydin
  • My Mart
  • S & J
  • Sox World
  • Takashima
  • Kedai Rakyat

Point of Sale (Retail)

Want to gain better control of your business?

Xilnex can oust your business further by supporting seveal levels of your sale processes. From the backend and continue on to after your customer leaves your store.

Xilnex POS (retail)

Point of Sale (F&B)

Catered exclusively for your F&B business.

Xilnex automates your management so you can focus on improving your business.

Xilnex POS (F&B)


Make wise moves with customer information. A customer database increases in value when everyone works together on populating it with data. It reveals your companies growth possibility.

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Xilnex CRM

Xilnex Addons

Xilnex WMS

Cloud-based WMS to transform the way you see warehouse management.

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Xilne BYOD

"Bring your own device" to encompass retail and F&B business.

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Xilne KDS

Speed up F&B performance through multiple screens from counter to kitchen.

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Operating on interactive screen allows smooth purchase and experience.

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Xilne M-Sales

Open quotation or invoice immediately upon confirmation.

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Xilne F&B Go
F&B Go

It is a Xilnex software coupled with a handheld powerhouse tool.

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Xilne Tablet Ordering
Tablet Ordering

Hip restaurant as this feature is increasingly becoming a neccessity.

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Xilne Loyalty App
Loyalty App

We are able to provide unique loyalty scheme reward based for different business.

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Xilne M-Inventory

Watch your efficiency levels increase with Xilnex Mobility Inventory.

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